garden design

Transforming your garden

We offer a garden design service in Brighton which begins with a garden consultation where we can discuss your ideas, how you’d like to use your garden and what your requirements would be. During this consultation we can offer our advice and a few simple ideas. If no further design work is required after this stage then an estimate can be written up. There is no charge for the initial consultation.

A new garden design

If you then decide that you would like to use our garden design service, the next stage would be for us to produce a detailed, written proposal for your design, complete with planting plans. We will prepare hand-drawn sketches to help you visualise the new design and plans for the garden. Once the design work is complete, we will visit you again to discuss our ideas and suggestions. This will give you the chance to ask questions and get a clear picture of what the finished garden will look like.

Design work will take between 4 – 15 hours to complete depending upon research time and the complexity involved. Consider your budget, allowing for design, labour, materials and plants.

We will prepare a detailed estimate for the garden build and planting, taking your budget into account. We believe that your garden is just as important as the interior of your house and we can make a big difference, even with a small budget! All design work and meetings are charged at an hourly rate.

Once your garden is planted and is maturing, we can offer an after-care maintenance programme.

“Brighton Up Your Garden were employed to design the beds and then source all relevant plants. They were then employed to do all the planting and to keep the beds neat and weed free for the racing season, April to November. I found Rebecca to be highly motivated and with a huge understanding of horticulture, she was a benefit to Brighton Racecourse always looking to improve areas, the beds were very much in the public areas; so had to be in good condition at all times”.

Richard Aldous, Brighton Race Course.