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Planting plans

Landscaping company brighton

Brighton Up Your Garden

Plants & planting will be the final stage of your new garden design. We feel that plants play a big role in the garden by enhancing the space, adding texture, shape, colour & form.


Plants complement a garden in many different ways. They soften edges, or bring out features.


If you love your garden, then your going to love the plants! If your just after some new planting or refreshing a flowerbed. Get in touch for a new planting scheme..


Once the final design is completed we can now concentrate on filling in the flowerbeds and areas where plants & trees will grow. With the help of Pinterest Boards we help you visualize your new plants with styles, colours, types & leaf forms.


2. Planting plans

Once we have all the measurements of the flowerbeds and pots/planters. We also need to create
detailed planting plans for plants in borders, raised beds, planters and living walls.

1. New Plants

Cherry Blossoms

3. Planting Service

We draw up to scale planting plans. So you will have a detailed list of where plants will be placed, their names & quantities. We supply your plants and set them down ready for planting

Concrete Porch

4. Mobile Plant Shop

We also supply plants to the public, landscapers, businesses & property developers. Just email us to request any plant! Or visit our mobile plant shop section.

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