GARDEN design package one

Garden consultation & garden survey. Pinterest board of ideas. A coloured hand drawing. Garden size approx 300 sqm.

garden design package two

Garden consultation & garden survey. Pinterest board of ideas. A coloured hand drawing. Samples of materials. Detailed technical drawing. Planting plans. Garden size approx 300 sqm.

Design & create

Design & create

Our Garden Design Stages

 1.) Your Design (Brief)

Consultation meeting to establish what you're wanting from a new garden design. Your ideas & plans. And most importantly your wants list! ie Patio! and a perennial border. We would be happy to arrange a free consultation meeting. Email us to book an appointment. Let us know your budget. (request our garden questionnaire)

2.) Survey & site analysis 

Your garden will be measured up for the new design. We also carry out a site analysis which will help us during the design process for any existing features to be left in the garden. i.e. trees or plants. At this time we also gather information from the site that's helpful whilst planning & designing. As well as looking for pipes, drains & cables etc.

3.) The New Garden Design

Once we have reached a design brief during meetings, the next stage would be for us to produce a detailed hand-drawing to help you visualize the new design for the garden. A meeting will be arranged to present the final master plan. 

4.) Technical plans & samples

Samples are all the details going into your new design from the paint colours to the types of patio stones to choose. After this stage we need to complete the technical drawing for landscapers to be able to price your garden build. Plus any construction drawings i.e. wooden pergola design. 

5.) Planting Schemes

Once the final design is completed we can now concentrate on filling in the flowerbeds and areas where plants & trees will grow. With the help of Pinterest Boards we help you visualize your new plants with styles, colours, types & leaf forms. 

6.) Project monitoring your Garden Build

We offer a complete Project Management Service for the garden build, to over see the final stages of completion to make sure the garden is built to your satisfaction. We are available during that time to discuss any problems that may occur.